Ab Exercises to Lose Belly Fat That Will Help You Obtain A Flat Stomach

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Different Types of Ab Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Losing fat is a collaborative process that includes calorie intake, calorie metabolism, and ab exercises to losAb Exercises to Lose Belly Fate belly fat. Some people will quickly lose body fat with proper diet and training. To lose fat, you only need to give your body lower energy (food) than it burns over time, creating a calorie or energy deficit, which causes the body to adapt. Also, you need to perform certain abdominal exercises, which is the focus of this article. One stubborn “fatty” area is the abdominal region. Therefore, here are some ab exercises to lose belly fat.



Lower Ab Exercises to Lose Belly Fat – LoLower Abs Exercises to lose Belly Fatwer ab exercises to lose belly fat, when performed correctly, are essential for keeping your body looking fit. The key to developing robust lower abs is consistency and finding the right exercise for you. It can take weeks or even months to get the form you are hoping for, and also it takes great focus to achieve and maintain this body type successfully.



Lower Ab Exercises For Men and Women to Lose Belly Fat:

Lower Ab Exercises For Men to Lose Bell Fat







V-up Exercise – V-ups targets the lower abdominal muscles, very similar to sit ups, first lie on a yoga mat, then keep your hands above your head and reach towards your toes (see image below).

V-Up Exercise


Reverse Crunch – A variant of the crunch, where you engage the legs instead of the upper body.
Reverse crunch


Leg Circle Also Know as Bicycle Crunches – As with the bicycle drills, leg circles (bicycle crunches) involve lifting the legs above the hips and pressing them together firmly then draw a circle in the air. Go higher and lower as possible as you can.
Bicycle Crunches

Additional Lower Ab Exercises for Women and Men to Lose Belly Fat:

Lower Ab Exercises for Women






Rolling Plank – This move improves strength throughout your core and more specifically, your lower abs, also it builds lower back strength. First get into a plank position with your forearms on a mat, then roll from one side to the other.
Rolling Plank


Mountain Climber Exercise – This exercise, even though involves your whole body, it primarily works your lower abs by engaging the abdominals and oblique muscles. Get into a plank position, hands should be a little wider than your shoulders, then bring your knee up to you chest and alternate each leg.

Mountain Climber Exercise


Roll-Up Exercise – This exercise requires you to roll your body out slowly one vertebra at a time, thereby engaging your deep lower abdominal muscles.

Roll-Up Exercise






Upper Ab Exercise – Working the upper part of abdominal muscles places more focus on them to produce micro-tears, so that grow in a more prominent fashion. Here are some upper ab exercises to lose belly fat.


Upper Ab Exercises for Women and Men to Lose Belly Fat:

TRX Sit Up – The TRX Sit Up is suited for working the upper abs. As you perform this exercises, you will feel the effect on your upper stomach region.

TRX sit-up


The Dumbbell Push Crunch – Dumbbell push crunch exercises utilize only the upper abdominal muscles. This can be done with or without the exercise ball. Using an exercise ball will make the crunches harder to do.

Dumbbell Crunch



Additional Upper Ab Exercises for Men and Women to Lose Belly Fat:

Crunches General – For working upper abdominal muscles, Crunches are the primary exercise. Almost all upper ab exercises are variations of this basic motion.








Crunches Knees Up – By putting the knees up, the upper abdominal muscles are engaged.

Crunches Knees Up







Crunches Legs Straight Up – By putting the legs up, the upper abdominal muscles are engaged to maintain balance throughout the exercise.

Crunches Legs Straight Up






If you follow these exercise tips for lower abs, you may achieve the results you are looking for in no time.


6 thoughts on “Ab Exercises to Lose Belly Fat That Will Help You Obtain A Flat Stomach

  1. I have read that ab workouts don’t help to lose belly fat. You burn fat through cardio, high intensity training and caloric shortage. Would like to hear your thoughts

    1. You should add these routines in addition to cardio and clean eating. I have lost quite a bit of belly fat without much cardio, but through muscle training and eating healthy. I will be writing another article about that soon.

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