Muscle Toning with Resistance Bands for Exercises

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Resistance Bands for Exercises

Resistance bands for exercises are a great supplement to strength training routines. This exercise equipment is portable and also easily stored, making it ideal for closed space use like homes, hotel room workouts, or even at Resistance Bands for Exercisesthe gym when you are in a tight space. Resistance bands can be used to exercise various muscle groups in the body, and this article has highlighted some of the major muscle groups that can be exercised using resistance bands. Different resistance bands for exercises are available for purchase, with varying degrees of tension, select the one that offers more resistance in order to achieve better results.


Resistance Band Ab Exercises

This exercise routine targets the score muscles also known as abs. Resistance band Ab exercises are in two parts; the first referred to as the band crunch, targets both the upper and lower abs while the other band twisting rotation targets your obliques or side abdominal muscles. For effectiveness, perform these exercises in sets for a high number of repetitions.

Resistance Band Back Exercises

Resistance band back exercises targets your back muscles, enabling your posture to be safe and sturdy limiting future back pain and related illnesses. Three variations of this exercise form exist; Band Row that specifically targets your upper lats, Band Pulldown that targets your lower lats and Back Fly which is responsible for the upper and lower back.

Back muscles training is more of support and strength than power. Therefore you don’t require a high number of sets and repetitions.

Resistance Band Chest Exercises

For those looking to target the Pectorals, i.e. muscle groups located in the chest, the Band Chest Press, Band Chest Fly, the Incline Chest Press and the Decline Chest Press exercises are ideal to work out outer pectorals, inner pectorals, upper pectorals and lower pectorals respectively.

Resistance band chest exercises involves power. Therefore you’ll need to have a lower number of sets and repetitions.

Resistance Band Leg Exercises

Resistance Band Leg Exercises

Different resistance band leg exercises are incorporated to exercise the various muscle groups in your legs. For instance, for the quadriceps, the band leg extension exercise is ideal. The band squat will be responsible for the glutes and hamstrings. For your hips, the band hip abduction is perfect, and lastly, for the calves, the band calf raise will work them correctly.

When it comes to leg training, it’s all about strength, just like the back muscles. Therefore you’ll require moderate sets and number of repetitions.

Resistance Bands Shoulder Exercises

For the shoulders, the deltoid muscle groups are all about power, therefore as with the chest workout routine, this should be geared towards low sets and number of repetitions. The rear deltoids will be covered by the band deltoid rear raise. Overall these are different variations of the deltoid raise resistance bands shoulder exercise.

Resistance Bands Arm Exercises

Lastly, the resistance bands arm exercises will target the biceps, triceps, inner forearms and outer forearm. The exercises in relation include the bicep curl, band triceps pushdown, band wrist curl and band wrist extension respectively.


Arm training is all about power (biceps, triceps) and strength (forearm). Therefore, you can average the number of sets and repetition to get the best of your workout.

Resistance bands for exercises are great tools to work out with and keep fit on the go without necessarily doing complex movements or even lifting weights.

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